BOPP Laminated Bag / Sacks

We also offer beautiful collections of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film BOPP Laminated Bag to our valuable customers. These bags are manufactured in excellent quality, high tensile, strength, good dimensional stability, flatness, corona treatment on one or both sides, waterproof, moisture repellent, excellent transparency, gas and moisture barrier properties and other plastic films for enhancing product functions at a cost- effective price. We are offering these bags in customized options also.

Perforated Bags

These bags are generally used for packing of cement or any other material which is hot while packing. The perforations(small holes) will help the hot air to go out while packing the material in the bag.

PP Woven Bags / Sacks with Liner

We offer the complete range of polypropylene / PP woven bags with liner. Since this category of PP woven bags / sacks are specially used for packaging of fine grade (fine granules), pulverous & force flowing materials such as chemicals, fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, flour , etc… these bags have an additional liner, which not only protects the products from external elements but also ensures complete safety against any sort of leakage and pilferage. Entire range of our bags is stringently tested and analyzed on distinct quality parameters to ensure their reliability and enables us to gain complete Customer satisfaction.

Valve type Bag / Sacks

We manufacture PP woven valve type bags of different dimensions. These bags are extensively used for packaging of the cement and other products. The material is directly filled to the bags by a hose and after the completion of filling the valve shuts automatically and providing a locking system. Our ranges bags have high strength along with increased tear resistance. Hence, these bags can withstand rough handling during the process of transportation. We offer them in different sizes and capacities based on the specifications provided by the customers.

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